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Enquiry form for machinery

If you are looking for a certain machine or production facility or a complete production plant, please fill in the following form as completely as possible. This will enable us to deal with your enquiry as fast and efficiently as possible

Please observe the following points when completing the form:

If you are flexible regarding the manufacturer of the machine you are looking for and accept several different manufacturers, then please enter all the manufacturers in the field of the form, separated by commas, in order of preference i.e. your favourite manufacturer first etc.

Regarding the specifications such as the year of manufacture please give the scope e.g. "from 1990 - 1995 - 2000 preferred" etc.

Proceed in a similar way with the other questions.

Surname First Name
Position Company
Street City/Post Code
Phone Fax
E-Mail Country
Maschines or facilities wanted

Type Manufacturer
YOC Size

Please enter further descriptions or wishes here (state of the machine etc.)

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