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Product Philosophy

In the course of worldwide recession and the constant necessity of adjusting the products to the national and international demand on the part of the textile industry, the issue of second-hand textile machinery is gaining more and more significance worldwide. In the past mainly firms from Eastern Europe as well as from threshold countries and developing countries made use of the advantages of second-hand machinery, whereas now there is a growing trend of increasing demand even in European countries.

Advantages of second-hand textile machinery

Low purchase price: depending on year of manufacture, type of machine and condition, second-hand machines are often obtainable for a fraction of the original value. So the buyer can control the amount of investment according to his financial means. He decides about the make, type of machine and year of manufacturing. Also the condition of the machines is decisive for the actual purchase price.
The market fluctuations often do not justify the enormously high investment costs for new machines made by the leading European machine manufacturers. In this case, the decision to buy second-hand machinery is economically sound and recommended.
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